By studying biology, students can acquire valuable knowledge and skills to comprehend contemporary problems whilst establishing the links between science, technology, society, and the environment. Additionally, it encourages an appreciation for nature, responsible citizenship, and personal and community well-being.



To enable students to:

  • develop and maintain an interest in biology, a sense of wonder and curiosity about the living world, and a respect for all living things and the environment;
  • construct and apply knowledge of biology, understand the nature of science in biology-related contexts, and appreciate the relationships between biological science and other disciplines;
  • develop the ability to make scientific inquiries; think scientifically, critically and creatively; and solve biology-related problems individually and collaboratively;
  • understand the language of science and communicate ideas and views on biology-related issues;
  • be aware of the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of biology, and be able to make informed and judgments on biology-related issues; and
  • Foster responsible citizenship, promote national identity, increase awareness of national security, and prioritize individual and community health.