School Consultants

School Consultants

School Development

Professor CHENG, Kai Ming

Honorary University Fellow at The University of Hong Kong

Professor NG, Ching-fai

Doctor of Science, honoris causa at Hong Kong Baptistr University

Mr. TAI, Hay Lap

Vice Chairman of Tin Ka Ping Foundation

Student Growth and Development

Dr. CHOI, Yuen Wan

Founder of Breakthrough

Home-school Cooperation and Parent Education

Professor HO, Sui-chu

Research Professor & Emeritus Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. PANG, I-Wah

Former Associate Professor in Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) at The Education University of Hong Kong

Curriculum Development, Examinations and Assessment

Principal CHOW, Ping Yan

Chairman of Education Convergence Education Foundation Ltd.

Mr. CHOW, Kam Ming

Secretary of Education Convergence

School Administration

Professor PANG, Sun Keung

Adjunct Professor in Department of Educational Administration & Policy Faculty of Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Teacher Professional Development

Professor LAM , Shui Fong

Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong

Dr. HUI, Wai Tin

Former Principal Lecturer in Department of Education Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University

Chinese Language and Cultural Education

Professor TSE, Shek Kam

Former Associate Dean in Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong

English Education

Dr. MA, Anne

Former Senior Lecturer in Department of English Language Education at The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Mr. CHAN, Chi Wa

Former Panel Head in English Panel at Elegantia College

Mathematics Education

Professor CHENG, Shiu Yuen

Professor Emeritus in Department of Mathematics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Information Technology in Education


Former Vice Principal (Academic Affairs) of HKU SPACE Community College

Science Education

Professor SHU Degan

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor in the Geology Department at Northwest University

Technology Education

Mr. LAM, Yat-fung

Principal of Lions College

Humanities Education

Professor CHIU, Yu Lok

Former Professor in School of Arts and Social Sciences of Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Health and Environmental Protection Education

Dr. PAK, Wai

Specialist in Ear Nose and Throat Surgery

Professor TSANG, Po Keung

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies and Student Learning) of FLASS of The Education University of Hong Kong

Dr. YU, Kai Man

Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Integrated Education


Chief Executive of Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre

Mrs Bessie S M Pang

Executive Director of Suen Mei Speech and Hearing Centre

Gifted Education

Professor LAU, Sing

former Director in the Centre for Child Development of Hong Kong Baptist University

Legal Education

Mr. FONG, Siu Kwong

Partner of Law Firm