Knowledge, Emotion, Thought, Action

Knowledge, Emotion, Thought, Action

"Knowledge" refers to the recognition of good values (such as the seven core values).

"Emotion" refers to emotional acceptance of good values.

“Thought" refers to the establishment of belief and ideology - a kind of value.

"Action" means to bring these good values into daily learning, work and life and put them into action.


As spiritual mentors for young students, we recognize that the process of moving from "knowledge" to "action" can be arduous and complex. To support our students' growth, we have designed a range of experiential activities that encourage them to internalize the values of a good life, which gradually develop into personal habits through "action". These good habits foster a healthy personality and shape one's character, which in turn, influences the course of their entire life.

Online Exchange Activities between Elegantia College and Rongshan Middle School under the Outbreak

In order to further enhance the innovation and effectiveness of life education during the outbreak, The Student Development Committee jointly launched an online exchange activity on the theme of life education with Rongshan Middle School on 17th June. Elegantia College and Rongshan Middle School formed a sister school alliance in 2018. The Student Development Committee was invited to Rongshan Middle School to exchange experiences in physical education in 2019. The relationship between the two schools is deep. Rongshan Middle School has fruitful achievements in life education, is the first batch of characteristic schools for psychological health education in Guangdong Province, and has received the Guangdong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. In this exchange, the two schools shared and learned from each other in promoting life education, and teachers gained a lot with joy.

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